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Bespoke Packages for Businesses and Organisations 

Flux, change, learning, growth, restructuring, redundancies...

Change profoundly affects engagement, efficiency and wellbeing at work.

Having the tools and mindset to weather change can restore a sense of control, trust and wellbeing.

Trevnee offers bespoke one to one, and group coaching packages to improve employee communication, flexibility and resilience. 


What you'll get

Group coaching and one two one coaching to improve personal and organisational behaviours around changes in your business.

You will get a bespoke package that addresses your organisation's coaching needs around change including, but not limited to, the following examples:

Managing changes in working practices, especially in relation to remote working (e.g. improved online meetings, better communication strategies, stronger colleague relationships when working remotely)

Improved responsiveness around restructuring/ preparing your workforce for life changing events like redundancy.




Mindset, flexibility, adaptability and resilience improvements around change.

One to one coaching for the newly promoted/ those new to leadership roles.

Coaching for small business leaders requiring independent support.

What next?
E-mail to arrange a meeting in which we will discuss your company's aims and coaching requirements, and the kinds of solutions that Trevnee Coaching can offer.
Pricing and packages dependant on your specific requirements.

“I did not anticipate that the outcome of coaching would be so great. I have found that my thought processes have changed and that I view the world around me with greater clarity.  I am now able to identify my own strengths and this has impacted enormously on my professional life giving me confidence to embrace my best qualities”. Jenny, Theatre Practitioner

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