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Coaching Taster

Try coaching before you commit to a programme.



Because your relationship with your coach is important to the success of the process. You need to try on coaching for size to get a good fit.


Send me an e-mail and we'll set up a quick online chat, and if it seems like I could be the right coach for you we'll set up a full length free taster session.

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What to consider
when looking for a life coach...

Coaching is most effective when the relationship between the coach and coachee is strong. It's always wise to check the coaching chemistry before making a bigger financial commitment.  A taster offers you a chance to experience my coaching style, ask any questions you have, and decide whether we are good coaching match before purchasing Life Manager or Intensive packages.

    The coach


  • Approach - does the coach’s training, experience, and philosophy match what you are looking for? 

  • Fit  - do you share values with the coach, do you feel heard and understood?

  • Feel - when you speak to your coach do you feel inspired, excited, eager, nervous (in anticipation of being stretched).  Or do you have misgivings?  Listen to your intuition.

  • Trust - are you satisfied that the work you do with the coach will be confidential?  Do you trust the coach to be respectful of your thoughts and feelings?

    You (the coachee)

  • Commitment - are you prepared to do the work?

  • Focus - are you able to offer your full attention to sessions, but also to the process of change outside of sessions?

  • Responsibility - do you have a clear understanding that a coach can help you find clarity and to take appropriate action. They can offer considered advice, but only you can create change for yourself?

If the role of a coach is to listen, to understand, to challenge, to offer perspective, to encourage change, to support, to question, to enable effective goal setting, to advise… then it is important that the relationship that you, the coachee, has with the coach is one of trust and mutual positive regard.

There must be commitment on both sides. Because you want to the best coach for you.  And I want to be able to give my very best to the clients that will benefit most from my approach.

To find out more click below, outlining what you want from coaching.

"Coaching was less painful than I expected! I'm not someone who enjoys too much soul searching and was worried there would be hard questions. It was quite the opposite. Jodie was sensitive in her approach and insightful in the questions she asked. Jodie made me feel at ease and was very encouraging.

I was able to look objectively at my thoughts and feelings in a way that I wouldn't have been able to on my own. It allowed me to voice thoughts and fears that I had been afraid to share.

The coaching has helped me to focus my job search, and enabled me to understand my deepest thoughts about myself and my career". Olivia, 27, Nanny

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