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What is the Trevnee Coaching Blog For?

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I can say with total objectivity that in recent years I have had a terribly difficult time.

Things have happened to me, completely outside my control, that I could never really have imagined.

  • The death of my beloved grandfather whom I spoke to every week and who was my greatest cheerleader.

  • The suicide of my stepdaughter whom I had known since she was three years old, and who had stayed with me just months before her death.

  • Her father having left me, more or less in the middle of the night, with no signs or warnings after 23 years together.

  • The difficult choice to leave my PhD after 3 years writing it because I had to take care of my mental wellbeing, and because the university administration couldn’t find the understanding or compassion to give me sufficient time to grieve the loss of my marriage and deal with the trauma and uncertainty of it.

  • My new boyfriends’ younger brother’s cancer diagnosis, and the sadness and difficulty of a series of serious surgeries and treatments.

  • Two pregnancy losses at 8 1/2 and 10 1/2 weeks.

  • And pending: a divorce, and moving out of, and renting my house, setting up a new business, and moving cities.

I want the social side of my business to provide knowledge, support, and tips because every time something difficult happened to me I wanted to find advice, or at least a sense that I was not alone. I got real life support through counselling and therapy. But I wanted to know what other, normal people, like me, thought or did when they faced so many challenges. And given how expansive the internet is, it was surprisingly difficult to find what I was looking for.

So the Trevnee blog is a response to that by creating a place that’s positive where people find that they are not alone with their difficult experiences. Because we all experience difficulties at some point (although hopefully, unlike me, not so many at once, though it often seems to happen this way). The "What I learned from..." series specifically looks at how I responded to my own challenges, and some more cheery challenges, and what I learned that helped me to come out of the other side sane and happy.

Trevnee coaching offers a further dimension with practical support to help you to make the best of change or to learn new skills to live a life that is more rewarding.


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