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Let’s get tacky: let's talk money.

The Value of Coaching

Talking money is such a taboo. But, let’s face it, coaching is a significant outlay. You may wonder why and what you get for your hard-earned pennies.

Let’s talk value. The value that you get from coaching (if you are working with the right coach for you) is intrinsic (it has value in and of itself) because sometimes it’s just nice to focus on ourselves and have someone listen with no distraction or judgment. And it’s instrumental. (It helps you to make changes that you really want to make but aren’t making much headway with alone).

Coaching is different than conventional learning techniques or mentoring because it puts you fully in charge. Numerous randomised control studies demonstrate the value of coaching as compared with conventional educative approaches, or no coaching. They show that coaching can impact personal behaviours and increase goal attainment, test scores, emotional resilience and other emotional intelligences, and personal achievement.

In the long run coaching saves you time and money because you don’t take as many wrong turns. But more importantly it makes you more satisfied because it helps solve a problem with more focus and clarity than you could achieve without coaching.

Trevnee Coaching: How can it benefit you?

I work with individuals on problems with work and career – like feeling constantly dissatisfied, feeling under-appreciated, feeling like you are a bad fit in your chosen profession, wanting more from your daily working life etc.etc; problems with life feeling unbalanced – too much focus on work, too much focus on parenting, too much focus on responsibilities to the extent that other things that matter are neglected; the anxiety and insecurity of change; and physical spaces feel so chaotic they are impacting your sense of well-being.

I also use my extensive experience of public speaking, in different fields, to help people in companies improve their presenting, public speaking and facilitating skills. Lacking these kinds of skills in the work-sphere can be really detrimental to your business or your personal advancement. So coaching is valuable in that it can bring about positive changes in your working life, but also in your fortunes.

Coaching is really effective at helping you to solve these kinds of problems.

Is it worth the investment?

It’s worth thinking about it in the following terms: a coach can help you to make significant and lasting changes, and to solve significant practical problems. Coaching provides dedicated support from someone who is impartial and won't judge you, but who is committed to your success.

It’s worth thinking about it in the following terms: a coach can help you to make significant and lasting changes, and to solve significant problems that you may have been grappling with for some time. From that point of view, it will pay for itself relatively quickly in increased well-being and goal attainment. By pursuing coaching you can, in quick time, make significant change.

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