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I’m going to conquer my perfectionism, dammit

Jodie Lamb, Life Coach, Career Coach, Change and Transition Coach
A woman with a look of manic optimism

If you are into reading the stuff I write, you are in for a treat. I am going to up the frequency of my blog posts. By a lot. Like, so much. The problem I have with this blog is a problem that I pretty much have in general. And it is this: reader I am a horrible perfectionist.

I have written about a thousand blog posts (yanno, give or take) and they never make it online. This is an issue because in my head I’m beavering away on the business. I mean, I am, it’s not just in my head. Trouble is that you don’t know anything about it. It’s between me and my laptop. Or my bit of paper. I’m rather fond of writing on paper. Which is all a bit pointless, isn't it. Anyway, I digress.

I am going to challenge myself to write, and more importantly, publish a blog post a day to beat the perfectionism, and to make Google like me better and improve my SEO. I’m going to do it for three weeks and see what it’s like.

If you don’t have a small business that requires you to wear a billion hats, you may not be particularly familiar with SEO. Basically, it’s optimising your website for search engines to find you and push you to the top of their search results. And like many of the things I’ve had to learn recently it seems deeply mysterious and complicated. But frequency is a thing. One of the things that Google enjoys.

So, writing every day is hopefully going to make me improve at actually publishing the things I write; and it will make me quicker at writing them (I do waaaay to much research and spend far too many hours on posts usually); and I’ll make good friends with the Google crawlers. (Isn’t that gross: crawlers. Yuck.) But that’s the plan. Become a pal of the crawlers.

You can get involved in this little project I have going on by sending me an e-mail to and telling me about things you’d like to know about. And if I know about them, or can find out about them, then I will write a post about them. I’d really love it if you were to say hi. It would be lovely to connect with some of you and find out what you are about. You can also do that by following me on Instagram (click the IG icon in the page footer or here) and leaving a comment or sending a DM.

But for now I can tell you this: my posts will be a mixture of things. Partly they will be me whittering on about the things that pop into my brain. As per. Then there should be some helpful stuff for self-coaching. And, finally, there’ll be things about change and careers. Overall my hope is that you'll get some useful things from it, and that you'll find out more about me and the business.

I’m actually quite looking forward to doing it. And now that I have said I will do it, I better had, hadn’t I!


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