The Emergency Coaching Kit

Sometimes you need a coach NOW. 

There may be some pressing issue you want to talk through, or a stressor that feels overwhelming, or you just need to get refocused on your goals.

This package will help you to rebalance and make the most of change. 

There are a number of emergency kit packages so you can choose the most suitable one.

Sad Girl
What you'll get

Emergency Coaching Kit 1

A one off 1hr 15min session bookable at the soonest mutually convenient time.

Cost£160 (subject to availability)

Emergency Coaching Kit 2

A one off 45 minute session with two Voxer follow up sessions within a fortnight.

Cost: £160 (subject to availability)

What Next?

Click the button below to get the ball rolling and fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire. 

This will give me an idea of what you want from coaching and enable us to get focused quickly. 

Once submitted I'll be in touch to arrange your coaching at the soonest mutually agreeable time.

"I feel more confident in the skills, expertise, and experiences that I have and how to apply them to get to where I want to be. I had a muddled list of possible careers in my mind that I did not understand the links between.


Jodie helped me to see the links between the muddled list of careers in my mind – that it is not just a random list but reflects the things I am interested in, enjoy, and am good at. I left each session with Jodie feeling enthusiastic, with a sense of new and exciting possibilities, and ideas for how to go about making things happen!"

Eleanor, 30, Evaluation Consultant