The Intensive

This is for you if you want to make a life, learning or career transition that is lasting and meaningful.


You will become a better pilot of your own life through increasing your self-understanding, good planning and focused action, all with the help and support of a compassionate coach. 

What you'll get

The Intensive offers focused coaching over six weeks that will help you to identify what you value most, and to develop goals in line with those values.  There will be elements of figuring out where you are stuck, identifying what you want and need, pinpointing what is getting in the way of you making changes, making realistic plans, and acting on those plans.

£995 | 6 hours of coaching over three months, messaging support via Voxer, worksheets, and a follow-up session within 6 months

Clarity about why you want to create change (kneejerk change, and change without a strong foundation will be unsatisfying or short lived).

A strong commitment to the practicalities of making change happen (a lot goes into bringing change about.  If it were easy to make radical changes, we’d be doing it all the time).

Good strategy and planning (this will help you define the parameters of change and the steps you need to take).

Support and encouragement when instituting change.

If you are experiencing changes that you have not chosen (a break up, or sudden illness, for example), coaching can help you to make the most of the situation and can help you regain control over your future by adjusting your goals and expectations.


Considering making a change, or dealing

with on-going change?

Change is easiest if you create the right conditions.  There are several necessary steps to make. These are built into the Trevnee coaching process, but flexibly, so your coaching responds to your particular needs and your individual preferences. (Flexibility and responsiveness are a cornerstone of how I work).

The conditions necessary for sustainable change are:

What can career coaching do for me?


Finding the right career for you isn't just a matter of deciding what you would find interesting. 

A job, to be fully satisfying, needs to fit with your preferences for what makes a good life. Organisational fit, working patterns, relationships with colleagues and your own values, skills and attributes all matter.  

Often you will find out over many years of working which of these matters to you the most.  But this is an inefficient, unsatisfying, and potentially costly way to conduct your professional life.

Imagine if you could get to the heart of these matters and strategise for having more of what you want from your professional life. While at the same time making the best use of your own skills. This is exactly what career coaching with Trevnee will give you.

What's next?

I’m so pleased that you are considering working with Trevnee. Click below to fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire.


This will give me an idea of what you want from coaching and enable us to move more quickly.


Once submitted we can organise a call to decide whether Trevnee coaching is right for you and to book in your first session.

We’ll be in touch via e-mail within two working days (unless otherwise indicated) to set this up.

How can coaching help me figure out what I want in life?


The things that are truly valuable to us are the things that provide us with the greatest satisfaction.

Truly valuable things are things that make our lives meaningful and worthwhile.

Often we mix up what we want with what we value.  For example, we may want material wealth, but we value the freedom that it provides, not the wealth itself.  The wealth is a tool for getting what we value.


 But if you get right down to the core of what is meaningful, then your choices will be based on providing lasting satisfaction.

This is an individualised approach that provides bespoke solutions to your particular situation. This means that you make long lasting, rather than temporary change.

Through home-organisation coaching, you can expect to learn more about why you hold on to stuff, how to zone your space for specific activities, learn new habits and patterns to stay tidy with minimal effort, and bring other members of your household on board with systems to keep your home organised.

Organise my space, declutter

What can transition coaching do for me?


Change can be exciting and motivating, but it can also be destabilising.

Whether you have chosen change or whether change has happened without your wanting it, it is a time when you will need extra support.

Transition coaching helps with decision making, weighing up options, finding balance, reshaping your future, and taking care of your well-being during major life changes.

So if you are going back to work after having a baby, changing jobs, moving, dealing with the aftermath of a break-up or divorce or any other change scenario; transition coaching through The Intensive at Trevnee will ensure that you get the most out of the situation so that change is a force for good in your life.

Manage life change

What can balance coaching do for me?

We will work together to find out what truly motivates you. We'll get more of the good stuff into your life. Finding balance is about identifying what you value deeply and prioritising what chimes with your desires and preferences.

All too often we go through life doing what we think what we ought to rather than what we want to. This can get very draining.

Sometimes life is busy, and you have to get on with it. But living in a state of frenetic energy, focussing on pleasing others, and engaging in constant activity is stressful and difficult.  

Balance coaching will help you to identify what makes you love your life, and which things you can let go of to make more space for them.

"Coaching with Trevnee has really helped me to understand what drives me as a person and how this can influence my career if applied in the right way.  Jodie asked the right questions to allow me to better understand myself and supported me through what I found difficult such as questions relating to my personal qualities.  The coaching sessions have been enjoyable and the preparation work before each session works really well to get you in the mindset for talking about yourself!  Overall the sessions have helped me with my career, to steer it in the right direction and push myself towards achieving what I didn’t think I was capable of."  Natasha, 38, Operations and Facilities Manager