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Online Life and Career Coaching
to help you get unstuck

Feel stuck and unsure how to make the changes you want? 

I help you get what you want and need for joy and contentment in your life and work.

Together we'll turn uncertainty into confidence.

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"I wish I had received coaching from Jodie earlier in my life, to have someone in your corner, with all the experience, support , skill, compassion, humour and motivation needed, whose sole purpose is to bring the best out in you and enable you to live your happiest life, is the most enriching and best investment I have ever made for myself". Caroline, Cornwall

Hi, I'm Jodie Lamb.
Life coach, career coach, helping you get un-stuck coach. 
My coaching ethos is...

To give you the space to get away from pressing daily issues to breathe and make sense of what you want.

To make coaching accessible by offering coaching online.

To be there for you, completely in the moment, by listening and reflecting so that you know which actions you want to take.

To be on your side.

To challenge you to establish clarity, get organised, be creative, plan, focus and take effective action to make positive change.

To respond to who you are and what you want.

For more about me and Trevnee, click here.

Online Life Coaching, Life Coaching Near Me, Career Coaching Near Me

"Life Coaching is an invaluable tool to use when making decisions about the future. The sessions are not a cosy chat about who you are, but deep explorations of what you want. They can be exhausting, but transformative.  Jodie is very patient and insightful." Hari, Sheffield

Are you feeling burned-out, fed up, frustrated, bored?  You want to make a changes but you you find yourself belittling your own feelings, giving up, settling, criticising, and finding reasons to stay put? 

You don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Or do you forge ahead in a hurry, but find yourself stressed, anxious, and in need of support?

If either sounds like you I will support you to make accelerated and lasting change to get more of what you love in your life and work.

Life coaching for change
on-line life coaching, on-line career coaching, life coaching near me

Career/ Life Change Coaching

Sometimes change happens when you are least expecting it.

Redundancies, restructuring, promotions, new team members at work.

Break ups, starting a family, illness, bereavements.

Unelected changes can be particularly challenging.

When change is unexpected it can be very destabilising.  Change coaching can help you to assess your resources, develop resilience, take charge of the situation where you can, and get as many positives out of a transition as possible. 

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When Things Don't go to Plan

Failed a crucial exam?

Didn't get a place on a course you wanted to do?

Passed over for the promotion you were expecting?

A close family member became ill and you had to change focus?

Failed to secure a job you wanted?

Hated the change you thought you'd love?


Change can happen by omission as well as by action.  


These kinds of changes are just as important and impactful as the changes that you have meticulously planned and put in place.  


In this situation the professional support of a coach can help you to gain perspective and to recalibrate, so that the ommission doesn't become a negative defining moment, but a catalyst for positive (if different) change.


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Career Coaching

Resenting every billable breath? 

Feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Not sure if you are in the wrong job or the wrong career?

Want a better work/life balance?

Want to understand more about who you are and how to find work that suits your specific wants?

Need support in your small biz/ freelancing life?


You CAN have a job that is satisfying and that works for you.  You'll be able to imagine, explore options, plan, take decisive action, and ultimately get a career you want and love. 

An Inspiring Coaching Blog
Helping you with practical coaching strategies and next steps

The essence of good coaching is creating clarity, confidence and getting to know yourself.

This blog is full of easy tools and tips to help you do just that.

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