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About Me and

Trevnee Coaching

I’m Jodie (Accredited Coach since 2008).  


I created Trevnee Coaching to help you make confident lasting changes in your life and career.


I help you be a better pilot of your own life.  


It sucks not living how you want to. I want you to have all the success.


For me success is about living a life where your values and your actions match up, so you feel confident and content. I can support you to achieve that.


life coach, business coach, performance coach, career coach
Life coaching, coaching for change

What makes me a good coach?

My clients make confident changes, knowing that they have the right focus and intentions. They get the support and encouragement of a coach that has experienced successful change themselves (but has also had their fair share of failures, bad bosses, exhausting jobs, and feeling like a square peg in a round hole).


When you work on your change experience with me you benefit from my compassionate coaching skills, my direct approach, my abundant experience, and my belief that you can achieve whatever you want.

I know that you already have the tools you need, though you may not know it yet.

My work with you will help you to make full use of those tools and your you-ness; to adjust unhelpful thinking and behaviours; and to work to improve circumstances and assumptions that hold you back.

Space and Time

Change is exhausting. It takes up a lot of brainpower. It can be scary. 


Solving problems and making clear plans will create space and  time for you to do the things that you enjoy.


You may have a mass of jumbled thoughts and ideas about change. Coaching will help you focus and get clear.


I will ask effective 

questions to make you see things in a new light.


You will take focused action to get you where you want to be.


Most of what holds you back is self doubt, fear and uncertainty.

Coaching provides you with a cheerleader, a motivator.


You will overcome doubt and reach your full potential. 

What you'll get from Trevnee coaching

Life coaching for clarity and wellbeing
life coaching for confidence and wellbeing

Can I fix it for you

Coaches fundamentally hold that the coachee (you) has (or can cultivate) the skills and resources required to live the life you love.

A coach can't make changes on your behalf, or tell you what is right for you.  So, no, I won't fix it for you.


But I know that during our coaching together you will find everything you need to fix it for yourself . I will help you to unlock your preferences, values and desires so that you can get more of what you want in your life.

I offer free taster coaching to potential clients by invitation.  If you are interested in finding out more, drop me a line and we'll set up a quick online chat.

More reason to be coached by me


Here are some of my favourite personal traits: dependable, enthusiastic, kind, curious, knowledgable, open-minded, preceptive.

My favourite skills: analyzing, problem solving, empathising, listening.

My favourite experiences: teaching, facilitating, managing change, directing (as in the creative theatre kind), researching, coaching (obvs).

Want to know a bit about clients I LOVE working with?


I work mostly (but not exclusively) with women. 

I attract clients that aren’t right at the start of their careers, but have been doing what they are doing in life and work for long enough to know that they need it to change.

My clients come from diverse jobs. They are copywriters, lecturers, small business owners, marketing consultants, artists, florists, analysts, project managers, administrators, mums, evaluators and charity workers.  They could be anything really.

They work in TV, corporate, SMEs, freelance, museums, charities, their own businesses, at home, transport, arts organisations, and universities.

It doesn’t make a difference what my clients DO. It matters who they ARE.

My most successful clients are: motivated, curious, enthusiastic, independent, open, reliable.

If that sounds like you, then YOU are my ideal client. We should work together! Send me a quick email to discuss how.

About You: My Ideal Client

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