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A different approach to professional development

Coaching Packages

With Trevnee coaching you will explore, imagine, plan and act to make your life the one that you love.

My coaching packages are flexible to take your needs and circumstances into account.

Change Life Coaching
Take Control: 
Coaching Packages Overview

This way to a life you love

Ask questions about coaching and what it can do for you

Find out about me and my coaching style

Start examining what you want and what is holding you back

Get clear about the area of your life that would most benefit from coaching

Decide which package and level of coaching is right for you

Coaching Taster

A taster offers you the chance to experience my coaching style

and ask any questions you have before purchasing The Intensive or Life Manager.

Quick Coaching

Sometimes you need coaching immediately on a pressing issue or decision.

Quick coaching can often be booked at short notice.

A sounding board for a problem or decision that needs immediate attention


Make a focused plan that you can put into action straight away


Get re-motivated when you feel like your mojo is fading


A quick confidence boost if the inevitable doubts are taking over

Manage overwhelm and overwork by prioritising what matters most

3/6/12 month subscription with sliding pricing scale

Time for you to focus on you and reflect on your situation

Keep sight of the bigger picture and adjust your plans as necessary

Get support with life/work challenges when you most need it

Your personalised cheerleader/ task-master helping you to negotiate big and small changes

Life Manager

Touch base with your goals. Renew your enthusiasm.  Keep your values at the core of what you do month by month. 


The Life Manager is a regular subscription which creates time and space for you to check-in with yourself and stay on track.

The Intensive

The Intensive will coach you towards what you really want.


You will make changes that

align with what you deeply

value for lasting satisfaction

and improved wellbeing. 

Get clear on how to make your career serve you, not the other way round

Identify the values that are most important to you and how to live by them

Negotiate the complexities of change to make it satisfying and lasting

Form life enhancing habits


Make actionable plans, put those

plans into action

The Remindful

By Trevnee


The Remindful by Trevnee is a weekly(ish) digest with helpful coaching tips and prompts, reminding you to live your life the way you love.

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