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A different approach to professional development

Get the courage to change how you do things without burning down what you've already built

Join me to explore, imagine, plan, and take action. 

I'd love to welcome you into my coaching programme and support you to change your job, your career, or the way you work, so that you have more time and space for what you love.

One to One Coaching

Learn about sustainable change and how to make it happen

Start examining what you want and what's holding you back

Get clear about the area of your life that would most benefit from change

Understand more about how you can take action

Discover the power of small changes and adjustments

Get support with experimenting and habit forming until you hit on what works best for you


Dive into where you are stuck and frustrated, and figure out what you want next.

Take the steps to live fully as your authentic self.

Quick Coaching

For when you need immediate coaching on a pressing issue or decision.  


Quick coaching is a power hour to help you solve a single problem.

£275  Limited availability.

A sounding board for a problem or decision that needs immediate attention


Make a focused plan that you can put into action straight away


Get re-motivated when you feel like your mojo is fading


A quick confidence boost if doubts are taking over

Manage overwhelm and overwork by prioritising what matters most

6 months of coaching 

3 bi-monthly one to one 90 minute sessions

Weekly voice message coaching via Voxer

Get support with life/work challenges when you most need it

Your personalised guide, cheerleader, task-master helping you to negotiate big and small changes

Life Manager

My signature one to one offer for long term support.


Enables you to realise a life that matches your energy, your desires, and what you value most. 

Embed lasting, sustainable and values-driven changes 

£3,500 booking now for September 2024

The Intensive

For when you're stuck and want to kickstart a big transition.

You'll make changes that

align with what you deeply

value for lasting satisfaction

and improved wellbeing. 

£2,257 Now booking for Sept & Oct 2024

3 months of fortnightly 1 1/2 hour one to one online coaching sessions

Get clear on how to make your career serve you, not the other way round

Identify the values that are most important to you and how to live by them

Negotiate the complexities of change to make it satisfying and lasting

Form life enhancing habits


Make actionable plans, put those

plans into action

The Remindful

By Trevnee


The Remindful by Trevnee is a weekly(ish) digest with helpful coaching news, tips, offers and prompts, reminding you to live your life the way you love.

You'll also get a link to download a fantastically supportive free coaching course to help you start to incorporate deep rest into your busy life.

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