The Revise & Recalibrate

If you ever feel like you need to talk something through, to get clarity, a new perspective, a different plan, a neutral sounding board then the review and recalibrate is all about  keeping you focused and on-track.

It’s about figuring out how to untangle yourself when you get stuck or are overwhelmed.


Life and career changers

People undertaking challenging learning (PGTs and  PGRs)

Freelancers, small biz-owners and solo-preneurs

It's the best manager you (n)ever had.

Encouraging. Focused. Invaluable.

Life coaching
career change coaching
What you'll get

It's easy to lose sight of your overall purpose or drive.

Overwhelm, over-work, imposter-syndrome, poor time-management, bad planning can all get in the way.

With The Review and Recalibrate  you will regain perspective and control. 

I'm excited about this package - because it's something I've often wanted myself (during my PHD, when I've had managers that weren't very supportive, during my freelance career) but have not often been able to find.


A monthly 55 minute coaching session, e-mail/ Voxer support, and worksheets for each month of your subscription. Choose 3/6/12 months of coaching, with a sliding investment cost.

3   months   |  £450 (or £150 monthly)
6   months   |  £810 (or £135 monthly)
12 months   |  £1500 (or £125 monthly)


What's next?

Hooray! You are considering working with Trevnee. That's great news.  This package has been so beneficial for past and current clients which is great for them,  but is also the most satisfying part of my job, so it's very exciting to welcome you too.

Click the button below to get the ball rolling and fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire. 

This will give me an idea of what you want from coaching and enable us to move more quickly. 

Once submitted I'll be in touch to organise a call so you (we) can decide whether Trevnee coaching is right for you and book in your first session.  

"Coaching gave me insight to see from a different place, and brought about a shift in perspective.  It helped me to strategise and look at the problem in a new way so that I could make changes, while also being being more thoughtful about what I was doing.  It gave me a new perspective on how to organise my house and garden, and now I have much more usable space". Alun, 67, Retired