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Why is Change Difficult?

Change is not as simple as just taking action, because the actions you take also need to fit well with how you see yourself and what you find valuable.

Change that will last and bring about satisfaction, cycles through a few stages, and to make change stick you may go back and forth between the stages.

Change is difficult because it often requires you to make significant shifts in your self-concept, which may even provoke strong emotional reactions. This is completely normal.

The change cycle below developed by psychologists Prochaska et al. can be applied to almost any type of life change.

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When you work on change with a coach their role is to help you to move through each stage of the cycle. So, if in the past, you have found that you get stuck thinking about change without being able to take action; or if you rush in without proper consideration as to whether a given change will cohere with what you deeply want; or if you struggle to make changes stick; get in touch with me at to start the conversation around contemplating whether change is necessary for you, or to prepare to make change positive and lasting.


Prochaska, J., Norcross, L., & DiClemente, C. (1994). Changing for good. New York: William Morrow & Co


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