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11 Upsides of Working for Yourself

Yesterday I wrote in the blog about the challenges of running a small business, in comparison with freelancing.

Today I’ll talk about the upsides of working for yourself. Not everyone wants to take on the risks of working for themselves. If you value stability, routine and a predictable salary more than you value autonomy, variety and responsibility then you may be one of those that prefers full employment.

Let me tell you the great things about running your own small business

Working for yourself

1. You get to establish the culture and values of your work.

It’s really important to me to feel that my job aligns with my core values. If you are the same way then working for yourself provides an excellent opportunity to build a company culture around your values. For me those are excellence, autonomy, learning, kindness and honesty.

2. Who you work with is up to you

In theory this is also true for freelancing, but as a small business owner you focus your work on your ideal client, so it is easier to be choosier (little rhyme for you there…).

3. If you get fed up of your work location, you can change it

Most people get frustrated with the same four walls or a terrible office set up. I know I like to mix it up. And if I need a change of scenery I can just grab my laptop and go. I’ve been working this way for so long I can’t even imagine being tied to a desk anymore. I think it would be horrible (even though I work 90% of the time at my desk, I like having the option to change, and my office is set up just the way I like it).

4. You are answerable only to yourself (and the tax man)

If you don’t enjoy working to someone else’s agenda then you get to set your own goals, tasks and timetable. When you run your own business there is no-one looking over your shoulder.

5. All meetings are to the point and purposeful (if that’s how you like things done)

There are meetings and there are meetings. Even well organised ones with an agenda and goals can be a massive waste of time and energy. But the disorganised ones? Sheesh!

When you work for yourself there are far fewer time-wasting meetings. Your work is mostly focussed on your desired outcomes, not on endlessly yammering about those outcomes. If you are used to hours a day spent in meetings, imagine what you could get done with the extra time!

6. You get to decide when you work and when you don’t

If you can get into the mindset that it’s doing the work that matters and not when or where you do the work.

7. You can live where you like

In theory if your work is online, there’s no reason (other than bad Wi-Fi) not to live in the middle of a desert if that’s what floats your boat.

8. You don’t have to feel guilty about doing non-work related things

The supermarket is so much more pleasant on a weekday afternoon when it’s empty, right? And who says you can’t listen to an audiobook in the bath at 11 am? What about the yoga class that starts at 5pm? Totally go to it! Presenteeism is cultural, not required, so you can choose your hours, as you wish, guilt free.

9. There’s no commute

Doesn’t this just speak for itself? Actually, one thing I used to enjoy about a commute was the thinking time. But now I’ll just take myself off for a drive or a walk (or even a roller skate has been known) instead.

10. The food is better, healthier and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg

And what’s more you can eat like a civilised human away from your desk. So much nicer!

11. You have liberty

Seriously, how often do you feel that your life is not quite your own? When you work for yourself you have total autonomy over what you do and don’t do, how you want to do it and with whom.

Working for yourself has a tonne of benefits. But it’s not easy or risk free. Whether it’s something you want to, or are able to, pursue depends on your personal circumstances, and how comfortable you are with uncertainty. But after being employed, freelancing, and running my own business, I know which one I find most fulfilling and rewarding.

Transitioning from employment to self employment is something that I can help you with. So if you want to take the plunge, but need some support with strategising, putting your plans into action or coping with wobbles and worries, book a free chemistry call to chat about how we can work together to get you the change you want.



I'm Jodie Lamb and I have been running Trevnee Coaching since early 2020. I've been an accredited life coach since 2008. I focus on Careers and Change. I work with people that are either thinking about changing things in their work and want a plan and support with acting on the plan; and people that are experiencing any kind of change in their lives and need help to make the most of it.

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