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Would you like strategies for changing your work or lifestyle?

If you are at any point in a change journey (ugh, that phrase) you will benefit from strategizing for change.

Before you even begin thinking you need a change, you may feel that something isn’t quite right, but be unsure what.

Once you actually decide on the thing that needs changing, you become paralysed about the how? Decision overload makes you freeze.

In the midst of change you lose confidence and start thinking maybe you’ve made a bad move after all. You backtrack, or give up, or grind to a halt.

And once you’ve made the change, you feel all at sea and regretful and worried that you made the wrong choices.

Ah, change. That fickle and terrifying mistress.

All your feelings about change are normal and typical

The truth is that change is not easy, at any stage. There will always be challenges that go with it, even for the hardiest of souls.

And the thing is, we are all changing all the time: new job, new house, new city or country, new career, starting or going back into education, relationships beginning or ending, family structures shifting, taking on a leadership role...

Did you know that there are typical psychological and behavioural patterns that accompany change and transition? So you are not odd if change makes you wobbly. But you can be a better architect of change if you understand how it works and how to take control of it.

The Remindful

Starting a new business is a process of constant change and adaptation. There are always new things to learn and different approaches to appraise. For me, how I communicate is evolving and changing, and I am finally getting on top of something I’ve wanted to do properly for ages. The Remindful.

The Remindful is my newsletter. I’ve sent out two half-arsed attempts already. But speaking directly to you and sending coaching tips and strategies straight to your inbox is so important to me.

I had to take the matter in hand, so I signed up for a course which I’ve been doing this week, and I am committing to a bi-weekly bulletin, like the blog, but shorter with insights, advice and offers that will come straight to you.

The Remindful will help you to strategise for and manage changes big and small. And if you are not getting what you need from it, you can email me right back to ask any questions.

Speaking directly to you helps me to hone my coaching offer to reflect what you want and need (what it is, how it’s structured, different price points), so if you reply to me I get direct benefits too. I’d absolutely love to hear from you and strike up a conversation.

It would be lovely if you would click this link to join my Trevnee tribe and get the Remindful here. The first instalment will be with you this Friday!



I'm Jodie Lamb and I have been running Trevnee Coaching since early 2020. I've been an accredited life coach since 2008. I focus on Careers and Change. I work with people that are either thinking about changing things in their work and want a plan and support with acting on the plan; and people that are experiencing any kind of change in their lives and need help to make the most of it.

I write a weekly newsletter. I promise to only send you useful tips, strategies and occasional offers and never to spam you! I'd love it if you'd sign up.


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