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25 Feel Good Activities To Increase Happiness

Do you want to improve your happiness and satisfaction?

Want to feel more positive at work and home?

Do you need a bit more time for yourself?

If you are like most people, you don't allow enough time to do what makes you feel good. You might even tell yourself that you don't have the time for fun.

black quad Rio Signature roller skates in a ray of sunshine
I like 5 minutes tootling on my skates to disco music

When you practice joyful activities daily you'll build a stronger sense of self, improve your wellbeing, and feel more optimism.

But how? How when there are so many things that need your attention. How could you possibly indulge yourself?

Here's the thing. There'll be changes in how you feel even if you only set aside 5 minutes to do something for yourself.

In 5 minutes daily you can radically change your satisfaction levels.

How to make yourself happier in 5 minus a day

If you are struggling for time start small.

Over-committing = quitting.

Anyone can fit in a simple 5 minutes of fun.

Savour the moment. This isn't a to do list entry. This is a moment of indulgence and joy.

Here are some ideas of short activities you can try. Set a timer. When the timer's up choose to extend it, or get back to what you were doing.

Feel Good Activities: Increase Your Joy In 5 Minutes a Day

  1. Savour your favourite hot drink

  2. Dance with wild abandon to one song

  3. Do a five-minute workout or yoga video (Youtube, Nike app, Facebook, Instagram all have good options)

  4. Find a karaoke track on youtube and sing along

  5. Organise something: a drawer, a toolbox, a makeup bag, a book-shelf

  6. Walk around the block

  7. Sit or walk outside. Pay attention to the sounds, smells, and sights

  8. Do a puzzle (sudoku, jigsaw, quick crossword, wordle, quordle)

  9. Design a bullet journal spread

  10. Read a couple of pages of a book or poem

  11. Have a shower

  12. Watch a candle flame

  13. Enjoy a delicious snack

  14. Read a magazine article or blog post

  15. Find inspiration for a project on Pinterest

  16. Create a playlist

  17. Plan a meal

  18. Lie with your eyes closed

  19. Listen to a short podcast episode

  20. Do some colouring

  21. Do a five minute seated meditation

  22. Listen to sounds from nature

  23. Tidy your desk

  24. Make something sparkle: clean 1 thing

  25. Do anything mindfully (whatever activity you choose, focus on that task completely)

If you struggle to find five minutes a day for fun and frivolity, you probably need a rethink. Coaching can help you find the balance you crave. If you want to know more, let's set up a quick call so that I can answer your questions. E-mail me here:


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