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Live Your Values
5 Day Life-Change Challenge

Are you a small business owner or career changer who hasn't spent much time thinking about your values? 


This challenge is for you. You'll learn exactly what your values are, and how to utilise them to get more of what makes you happy in your life and work.

The Practicalities

This challenge takes place throughout the year.  Join the mailing list for regular updates.

Where: Closed Facebook Group 

What: 1 informational video & 1 challenge a day for 5 days with feedback

When: Several times throughout the year

How: I will send you an invitation to the facebook group. (If you have not received this by Sunday 19th, please get in touch and I'll add you).

Extras: I'll be available in the chat to offer feedback and encouragement. Group members can interact to provide support and additional accountability.

Refund Policy: If you find that you cannot attend, please let us know in advance, and we will refund your booking -10% admin fee. Refunds that are requested after an event has taken place/ for a session that you have received will not be refunded.


The benefits of shaping your business and lifestyle through your values

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Feel comfortable and motivated

  • Improve decision making

  • Know that your beliefs and desires are aligned with what you do

  • Experience deep satisfaction

Here are some things my gorgeous one-to-one clients have said about working with me

I thought coaching would be an efficient way to slide into a new role or promotion!


Oh it’s been much, MUCH more than all that!


What I have learnt has completely turned my life/employment crisis on its head.

I have re-discovered my passions and found joy in small things, I know my worth, I have released myself from old habits and no longer feel I am passively watching time pass by.



The thing that surprised me about the coaching experience was how much great value I got out of it!


I felt a bit lost before, being completely new freelancing and working for myself, but after each session I had concrete steps I could take to get clear on my ‘Why’ and ‘How’. 


Working with Trevnee has been a life changing experience.


I feel a renewed sense of self-belief and confidence. I have made some real discoveries about myself.


I wish I had received coaching from Jodie earlier in my life.


To have someone in your corner, with all the experience, support , skill, compassion, humour and motivation, whose sole purpose is to bring the best out in you and enable you to live your happiest life, is the most enriching and best investment I have ever made for myself.


More about the 5 Day Life Change Challenge

During this challenge I want to give you some of the key benefits of my one to one life coaching and career coaching packages offer.

Over 5 days you will explore your values so that you can start to make them integral to your decision making and choices. Values are central to how I coach because I believe that if you live according to your core values, your life and your work will be much more satisfying. 

This will be the first time I run this challenge, so you have the opportunity to access it at a one time only discounted price with all the benefits of my many years of coaching experience and insight. 


If you would like to more about how identifying your values can improve your life and career choices, see this recent blog post here. 



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