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Coaching: A Working Mum's Perspective

Angharad, 39, is a working mother of 2 children aged 11 & 9. She was an applied mathematician working in industry and now works as a maths lecturer at a university. Here she writes about her experiences of coaching and how it has helped her to take stock personally and professionally.

I first had coaching with Jodie about 6 ½ years ago. My children were still young (3 & 5) but getting older and less dependent. I was stuck in a job that was demoralising and un-motivating, but I didn’t know how to change it.

Through a series of sessions with Jodie I clarified what I wanted to do and gained the confidence to apply for a new job in a related field, but a different industry. At the time this seemed like a really scary thing to do. But through coaching I was able to explore my options in a constructive and safe space, and being pushed to reflect on where I was was an invaluable process.

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I explored a number of options, and was encouraged to take the scariest one. I applied for a job and got it. (Jodie also provided some invaluable pointers on my application). I have now been in the post for 6+ years. It provides significant challenges, but is a job I am well suited to and enjoy.

My eldest child has recently started secondary school, and I feel at another impass as my children gain independence. Once again I have had some coaching sessions with Jodie. It has really helped me to step back and look at where I am and where I want to go both professionally and personally.

As a working mother it is often difficult to take time for oneself and reflect on how things are going. Coaching with Jodie has been an excellent way to take stock. It’s more than having a chat with someone. Jodie is able to pinpoint areas of stess in your life and ask questions that help you to explore what is important to you, and what you do just because you got into the habit of doing it. It also helps explore self-perception and personal outlook in a non-judgemental way.

I believe that this is an invaluable tool to use when making decisions about the future, or just to take stock and some time out to assess whether you are where you want to be.

I would also say that these sessions are not a cosy chat about who you are but a deep exploration about what you want. Sessions can be exhausting but transformative but in a way that seems obvious (like the answer was staring you in the face all along, if only you could have looked at it properly). Jodie is very insightful and patient.

The revelations from coaching sessions stick with you for a long time and have the potential to be truly life-changing.


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