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Things need to change

I've half-arsed my newsletter since I started Trevnee over a year ago.

There are so many new things to learn when you start a small business that it kind of fell by the wayside.

But I did a course last week with the fantastic Hannah from HI Communications and this was the outcome. I’ll be sending one weekly, and you can sign up here for coaching strategies straight to your inbox.

Here's the 1st proper issue of The Remindful.

It’s been such a long time since I sent a Remindful. Do you ever mean to do something, and never get round to it?

Like with me and this newsletter - there is definitely some fear involved. I know I want to do it, and I need to do it, but something in my thoughts gets in the way.

So, this week I have taken the bull by the horns and I’m doing two things. One is I’ve challenged myself to write a daily blog post (exhausting, but good fun). Two is I’m on a course to help me get past my fear and send this newsletter bi-weekly.

And just to make sure that I don't just work all the time, I’ve also been making the most weather and getting some outside time. This pic is from the park right outside our house.

So lucky!

My top tip for figuring out what needs to change

Sometimes you know that something needs to change, but can’t figure out what. You have a nagging sense of discontent. Maybe you feel bored or frustrated and dispirited.

Partly it’s hard to figure out what the problem is because self-reflection is more difficult than it seems.

Partly it’s because working it out means we might have to change. And change can feel really scary and uncomfortable.

But, I promise that the more you explore, the lighter you will feel, because you can start to take control.


Change Tip: The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life is a simple way to start to figure out where you need to make some changes. It will take about an hour. There are eight sections. You should rate each one from 1-10 with one being very dissatisfied, and 10 being very satisfied.

Draw a line in each section corresponding to your satisfaction number.

Colour or shade in the sections so that you have a visual representation.

Life coaching, wheel of life
Key 1- Not satisfied; 10 - Completely satisfied


Ask yourself the following coaching questions, and write down the answers so that you have a plan and a record:

1. What is most surprising about the results of the wheel?

2. Which section would I like to improve the most?

3. How much control do I have to make improvements in that section?

4. In which ways would improving that section impact other sections?

5. If the section I would like to improve had scored a 10, what would be happening in that area of my life?

6. Would I be satisfied with a number lower than 10? What would be happening at that number?

7. What would need to happen to improve the number?

8. What small changes can I make today, this week, this month?

9. What is a realistic timeframe to make the improvements to the level that I want?

10. What support do I need?

11. What will I do if I face a setback?

12. What will I do next?


Try to tackle the most important section on the wheel. You will be surprised how much improvements in one area will have a positive impact on other sections.

Small changes can have big impacts. In fact, I would recommend to always start small. Take one step at a time.

You can also adapt the wheel to examine work.

Your work categories may include the following (choose which matter most, or use them all by creating extra sections): Rewards and Remuneration, Work Life Balance, Relationships and Colleagues, Progression Opportunities, Training and Development, Physical Environment, Values, Enjoyment, Leadership and Support, Workload.

This is an exercise I often use at the beginning of coaching to establish the areas that need most work, and that are likely to have the greatest impact. From here the coachee and I use a variety of tools and coaching questions to establish realistic next steps.

Do you think the wheel of life can help you make some improvements and be more contented? Feel free to hit me up with your questions.

Jodie xx



I'm Jodie Lamb and I have been running Trevnee Coaching since early 2020. I've been an accredited life coach since 2008. I help you make the most of career and lifestyle change.

I write a weekly newsletter. I promise to only send you useful tips, strategies and occasional offers and never to spam you! I'd love it if you'd sign up.


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