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Who Wants a Successful CV?

This is about getting you what you want. Your way.

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How are you?

For me it's been a full on few weeks. And I've learned thing or two.

Last week I ran a CV workshop. I enjoyed it a lot. The participants were great. I love running workshops. But something struck me as significant.

Many people had stuck to traditional (and often ineffective) rules of CV writing. Fearful of deviating from the norm. Even though that wasn't working terribly well for them.

I see it all the time with clients. Sticking to rules that don't serve their needs, because it's the norm.

How often do you stick to the rules, because you think that's what you ought to do?

Golden chess rules, rules are there to be broken

Rules for living

There are some rules for living that help us be better. And others that constrain us.

I'm not talking moral rules here. Moral rules are something else. Those are the rules and norms that compel us not to harm others.

I'm talking social rules and norms. The ones that imply we "should" or "ought" to do something a particular way.

Social norms are things like:

· marriage

· jobs

· mortgage

· kids

Procedural norms cover things like:

· your romantic relationships (often heteronormative)

· your relationship dynamics

· your working hours

· socialising

· and how you conduct your every day life and career

Lots of pointless rules to worry about, which keep you stuck. But they feel big and important. If you don't conform you (think) you risk alienation or rejection.

Make your own rules

But here's the thing. You can make your own rules.

You don't have to conform to convention. You can close the door on expectation.

You can and ought to question which rules help you and which rules keep you stuck. Which norms chime with your own values and which are impediments to growth and happiness?

My coaching is all about exploring what you want, and how to get there in your own unique way. No arbitrary rules. Instead, the route to success (your own definition of success) which is easiest for you.

don't agree to everything, rules are there to be broken

Here are some rules for how to do it

Haha. I'm kidding.

There aren't any rules. But coaching can give you insight into what is holding you back and keeping you stuck. It can help you choose the tools you need to do things your way.

So if you want help defining what you want. If you need tools to figure out which rules you should break. If you want to define what you need, this blog is full of useful information and tips to start to get you there. Why not start by clicking on some of the links below to explore more articles.

And, please, tell me. What kinds of social norms and rules get in your way? I love receiving e-mails from you

And if there's a way that I can help you start to get unstuck, let me know!

Jodie xx


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